Senior Blessing

June 14, 5-7pm
Mt. Gilead Church - Gym

Senior Blessing is one of our Family Ministry Milestone Events. If you have a graduating senior, we invite you and your family to take part in this special event. We have designed this evening to be a special opportunity for you to share with your student and bless them as they prepare to enter into the next season of life. Parents, you are to write a blessing to present to your son or daughter at the event. We’ll have desserts catered in, and we’ll enjoy a special evening together. The evening will wrap up with you and your student sharing together and praying together.

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STEP 1 - Why Your Child Is Special.

Think of one or two things you value and appreciate about your student and jot it down. By choosing just one or two, you're able to really focus your blessing and make your student feel unique. Having trouble narrowing it down? List your all your student's strongest traits and compare. Oftentimes, their strongest traits jump out and you can easily recall numerous examples of times when your student exhibited this trait. Articulate why you love this about your student and maybe throw in a favorite memory to back it up. Be sure to also include how they specifically bless your life so your student can understand how their life positively impacts yours.

STEP 2 - Face Their Fears

Once you've told your student why they're special, pick a challenge your student is facing in the upcoming year, such as a big move or a new job. Acknowledge their fear, but provide encouragement and hope. The purpose of this paragraph is to help your student "see beyond" the obstacle in their path and remind them of their "special future”.

STEP 3 - Share Your Genuine Commitment

You’ve shared something that you love about your student, and encouraged them about the tough things ahead. For paragraph three, write out a statement of genuine commitment, sharing how you and the Lord are committed to this student – no matter what. This element of the Blessing provides assurance that you'll always love your student through both the good times and bad and reaffirms your commitment to their success.

STEP 4 - Make It Yours

No two parent blessings are the same. Please personalize this and make this as special as possible for your son or daughter.

If you have any questions or concerns about writing a blessing for your student, please contact Fred Schmitt. 


Submit a Message for Senior Blessing Bibles

Imagine getting a Bible filled with prayers and encouragement from members of your church! Submit an encouraging note or prayer below and it will be included in the margin of the Bibles for high school Seniors. We will present these Bibles to the students at the Senior Blessing event.

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