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Mt. Gilead Worship Auditions

We are so glad you are interested in joining our team! Please follow these simple steps to submit your video audition. You will be contacted to discuss next steps after a brief review process. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Please learn how to record your video (click here) and carefully review our our team expectations (click here). When you are ready, please fill out the form below.


Mt. Gilead Worship Applicant Form

Step 1

Please be sure to visit "how to record your video" (click here) and carefully follow the instructions. Next, paste your video link below.

Please leave video link blank if requesting an in-person audition.

Step 2

Please read (click here) and check below that you agree and understand Mt. Gilead's Worship team expectations.

Step 3

Please complete the rest of the form so we can get to know you!

I consent to receiving email or phone communication from Mt. Gilead

MG StaffPhotos TravisHebertTravis Hebert

Worship Minister