SuperStart! is a weekend event for kids in grades 4-5. They can learn and grow in relationships with God, friends, and leaders.

In case you’ve never heard of SuperStart! before, here is a quick overview. It’s a weekend event produced by Christ In Youth, an organization that has been putting together age-intentional events all over the world for the last 50 years (you can check out their website at SuperStart! takes place in a large auditorium, where your child will worship alongside thousands of other students their age. SuperStart! is literally an experience they’ll get nowhere else, and it is also one of the safest and most well-organized events for preteens in the country!

The theme this year is “Conquering Gargantor - Overcoming Obstacles to Sharing Your Story.” The truth is we all have a story to share - our own individual story that fits inside the greater story of God’s love for all people. Psalm 105:1 helps us understand that sharing our story is as simple as “letting the whole world know what He has done.” But there are gargantuan obstacles preteens face that keep them from sharing their story. Throughout our weekend together, the teaching will center around helping your child conquer three of the most common obstacles: “I don’t have a story to share,” “I’m afraid to share my story,” and “Why should I share my story?” As we open God’s word and hear from real life American Ninja Warrior, Emily Durham, the goal of our weekend is for every preteen to understand the stories they have to share! We want to remind them that God will be with them, helping them to share those stories. And to let them know that when they do share their stories, God will use them to bring others into his Kingdom. We’re very excited about the teaching this year and can’t wait to see what God will do through your preteen as they, unhindered, proclaim to the world what He has done!

 The cost is $65 and is due by 2/22. Registration for this event closes on 2/22/2019.

The $65 covers 3 meals, travel, and conference cost.


If you have any questions about CIY SuperStart, please check out: or contact Nicholas Huether


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