SuperStart! is a weekend event for kids in grades 4-5. They can learn and grow in relationships with God, friends, and leaders. This year we will be playing the Game of Life, by learning to level up our lives for God.


Imagine your favorite video game. You’re at the moment where everything hangs in the balance. One wrong move and your player could die, but if you play the game just right you’ll make it to the next level and eventually win the game. It’s the perfect time for a "Power Up" – that critical gift or ability that you didn't have before, but it helped you advance and win. In the game of life, however, for a preteen it can often seem like the odds are stacked against them. But God tells us that’s not true. He tells us that He’s on our side, and He gives us a tool, a “Power Up” to help us through life.


The cost for this event is $60 and includes lodging for 1 night at Cornerstone Christian Church* (in Brownsburg), transportation, event registration, and 3 meals. Payment is due to Nicholas Huether or the Children's Ministry Check-in before February 16, 2018. You will receive a confirmation upon complete registration.


We have a few spots left!
Contact Valorie Curran at to register!




If you have any questions about CIY SuperStart, please check out: or contact Nicholas Huether


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Children's Minister
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