MGChurch timeline

Mt. Gilead started with a small group of believers in a log cabin in 1835. Since then, God has used us as a ministry launching pad for over 180 years. In 1978, Mt Gilead moved into what was then our new building on Kitchen Road. That facility, which now houses our student ministry activities along with other occasional ministry use, has affectionately become known as MG2. That building served our needs for over 20 years and allowed us to grow to nearly 500 people in four services.

In June of 2000, we relocated and moved into phase one of our 36,000 square foot main facility, which we currently occupy, on fifty beautiful acres. At that time our plan was to use our multi-purpose room as a temporary worship center until we could construct our phase two sanctuary. A professional master plan was developed and extensive plans were made for our new sanctuary.

But, with the economic recession of 2008-2009,we shelved those plans and concentrated on being debt-free. By God’s grace that milestone was met several years ago and we have been able to better position ourselves for future growth.

In 2012, MG House was built and furnished in Mooresville as a means of outreach to our community. MG House is used for various community activities and events but also serves as the home base of a partner ministry called Morgan County Food Rescue (MCFR). MCFR partners with dozens of restaurants and organizations to rescue excess food and distribute it to people in need predominantly through other non-profit organizations.

For the last several years, it has been evident that our facilities are stifling ministry opportunities for Mt. Gilead. We have hit a plateau at around 1200 people and we will not exceed that ceiling without making room for more people to hear the gospel in Morgan County.

We have over 180 years of history behind us but the best years can still be ahead of us. Once again, God is willing to work in us and through us if we partner in faith with Him.