We love elementary children! We're proud to offer programming that is available for elementary students during all three services on Sunday mornings. Students are divided by grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade.

During all services, students enjoy an interactive worship experience. After being dropped off in their respective classrooms, the students gather together for a time of worship, which includes a Bible lesson, music, and communion.

First-time families should report to the Elementary Information Center, which is located at the beginning of the green hallway to the left of the Worship Center, for assistance in getting their children checked in. 

Members and regular attendees can report to any child check-in station located in the lobby, in the green hallway to check their children into programming and receive a security code sticker. The purpose of the sticker is to reach the parents. If the parent is needed, the code number will appear at the bottom of the large screen in the center of the Worship Center. Each child has a unique code, even within a family. If the number appears on the screen, the parents should promptly report to the classroom of the child needing assistance.


The people who work in our elementary classrooms are volunteers who are willingly sacrificing their time. We strongly encourage all parents to serve.  For the safety of the children, all workers are trained and screened.

The following are a few of the most common questions, along with the answers. If you have additional questions, please contact Nicholas Huether.

  • How do I find my child's classroom? If you enter Mt. Gilead through the main front doors, stop by the Information Center located on the right side of the lobby. You will be directed down the hall on the left side of the Worship Center to the Elementary Information Center where a team member will be available to assist you in getting your children checked-in and situated in the correct classroom.
  • How can I be sure that no one else picks up my child? When you check in, you will receive two stickers that have your child's name on them. One is to place on your child's back and one is for you to keep. When you pick up your child, you must present your sticker so that the leader can match it with your child.
  • How can I be sure that the volunteers can be trusted? All of our team members must fill out an application. We request two references for each team member, plus we do a criminal background check. All team members are screened and trained.


We offer diverse programming for all elementary levels:

Your kids in grades K-2 are going to love Sunday Nights at BLITZ! It's a mixture of crazy games and Bible Study. BLITZ is designed for your son or daughter to invite their friends...so load up the car and bring your kids out to BLITZ at MG House on Sundays from 5:00-7:00pm.

For more information visit mgchurch.org/blitz

Your kids in grades 3-5 are going to love Sunday Nights at FRENZY! It's a mixture of crazy games and Bible Study. FRENZY is designed for your son or daughter to invite their friends...so load up the car and bring your kids out to FRENZY at MG House on Sundays from 5:00-7:00pm.

For more information visit mgchurch.org/frenzy

Mt. Gilead and Camp Allendale are partnering for a weeklong camp for children entering grades 3 through 8 (in the fall of 2018), as well as an overnight camp for our students entering grade 2 and a 1-day camp for students entering grade 1. At Camp Allendale, children form lasting friendships, connect with Ministry leaders, and have fun while learning biblical principles.

For more information visit mgchurch.org/camp

This is an overnight event for kids in grades 4-5. Superstart is a Christ in Youth 2 day event at Trader's Point Christian Church in Whitestown, IN. The cost for this event is $60 and that includes lodging for 1 night, transportation, event registration, and 3 meals. It is a weekend of creative learning, spiritual growth, and a ton of fun.

For more information visit mgchurch.org/superstart

We teach the Scriptures through fun games and we know that anyone who participates will come away with a new love for learning God's Word. We invite parents to volunteer and learn along with their children. We promise an intense study that will be incredibly fun!

For more information visit mgchurch.org/beginnerbiblebowl


Nicholas Huether

Nicholas Huether

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