Mt. Gilead would like to create a link between the home and the church that enables families to build faith together. As a family grows, we want to celebrate the milestones together and equip parents to become the primary spiritual leaders to their homes.

Each milestone is intended to inform and equip parents to be active participants in the spiritual development of their child.


Baby Dedication Celebration
Introduce families to Mt. Gilead Kids and celebrate their newest child.

Kindergarten Kick-Up
Introduce families to Mt. Gilead Kids and celebrate the beginning of their school-age years.

Kids Baptism Class
Introduce parents and children to the salvation process as presented in Scripture.

Introduce parents of middle school students to Mt. Gilead Students as their kids begin the journey of making their faith their own.

Parent Summit
Designed for parents of kids and students currently in grades 3-10. We will address topics such as technology, expanding parental boundaries, and personal spiritual growth.

Senior Blessing
Introduce high school graduates to a blessing from their parents/guardians as they head into adulthood.