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As we continue to grow as a church we want to strive to be a place where people can be known and build meaningful relationships with others. In order to do this well it takes intentionality and a willingness to invite new people into our lives.  Summer can be a great time to meet new people and open our home up to others. Please review the details below and see if this is something you might be willing to participate in.


What is a Connection Meal?

A Connection Meal is an opportunity for people to gather around a table and get to know new people.  The only agenda for the evening is to meet new people within the church and enjoy each others company.


When will these meals take place?

These meals will be offered during the months of June and July.  The day and time of the meal is entirely up to the host.


What about kids?

Some of the locations are able to accomodate kids and others are not.  Just be sure to check the group attributes before signing up.



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Connections Minister
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