This is your opportunity to help a student afford to attend CIY Move this summer

We are taking more people to CIY Move than ever before: 140 people (120 students and 20 adult leaders) to Holland, Michigan the week of July 1-6 2019.

This new Pay It Forward endeavor will allow anyone the opportunity to provide financial assistance to all students in such a dramatic way.

How can you help?
Simply click register (that part is free) follow the prompts and select any of the Add Ons ...those are your Pay It Forward options. Your contribution will be distributed among the participants to lower the overall cost of the experience.

To help you understand where your contribution will go, the breakdown of the total cost of CIY Move 2019 is below:

  • Event Ticket $324 per person
  • Transportation $134 per person
  • Meals $32 per person
  • T-shirts $15 per person
  • Supplies $5 per person

How much can you contribute?
You can provide anything from full CIY experiences at $510 each, down to $5 to help pay for supplies or any amount in between.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Contriubute to Pay It Forward

If you have any questions or concerns about CIY Move Registration, please check out or contact Traci Wertz at


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Student Minister
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