MG University exists to help people build a solid foundation of Biblical understanding and living. Whether you are new to your faith or have been a practicing believer for years these courses will be an integral part of living out our mission to help people become lifelong disciples of Jesus.


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June 16

MGU 401-3 World Missions with John Caldwell
Tuesdays at 7:00pm, Mt Gilead Church Worship Center
This class will meet on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm starting June 16 and lasting through Tuesday, July 21.  If the class is closed it means we are full this section, but please stay tuned for future classes offered at church and online.

Teacher: John Caldwell

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A Complete 2020 course schedule is coming soon.


  • 16 courses divided into four levels - 101, 201, 301, 401
  • Each level will consist of four courses
  • Courses consists of six, one-hour classes
  • Classes offered on both Sunday morning and evening
  • Certificates of Completion for each level
  • A celebration upon program completion


  • Discovering your S.H.A.P.E. – This class will help you discover your potential for serving the Lord successfully based on your Spiritual gifts, Heart-filled passions, Abilities, Personality style and Experiences.  As we learn how God has built us, we will also learn our “sweet spot” for serving, and will discuss how God has created us to live in community with other believers.  It is an interactive class with a number of assessments and surveys. 

  • Christian Beliefs - Perhaps you have recently become a believer or have simply never taken time to discover the basic precepts of the Christian faith. If so this class is ideal as it will help you learn more about basic Bible teachings.  Through an informative study of Scripture you will discover what we believe as Christians, why we believe it, and how this truth can help us serve as lifelong disciples.

  • Whole Life Stewardship – One of the most misunderstood words and in the entire Bible is stewardship. This course will explore the true meaning of the word and what it means to apply it to our entire lives through the concept of whole life stewardship. If you will allow it, this course can radically transform your Christian life and set you on a course that you will find vastly more fulfilling and much more useful to our King.

  • How To Study the Bible – Though we believe that the Bible is God’s Word, many of us are intimidated by this large book and rarely open it.  Because it was written in ancient languages, over a long period of time, and includes different genres of writing, there is some basic knowledge that is necessary to glean the most of Bible reading.  This class will provide both information and tools that will allow you to read and study more effectively. 


  • Teach Me to Pray – We all know the value of prayer and most of us long to have a better prayer life.  But how can we learn to pray more effectively, efficiently, and scripturally?  This class will examine some prayers from the Bible, and especially look at how Jesus taught His disciples to pray, providing tools to help you grow in communication with God.

  • How to Share Your Faith – Jesus commanded us to make disciples (to multiply), and all of us have family members, coworkers, friends and neighbors who need Jesus in their lives. But how can we discuss our faith with them when it seems to be such a sensitive subject?  And how can we be prepared to answer their questions?  This class will help you learn helpful methods for sharing your faith in a non-confrontational manner. 

  • Understanding Discipleship – What are the regular practices of a disciple of Jesus? In this six-week course we will look back at discipleship examples we see in Scripture. We will also focus on the spiritual disciplines for disciples today and we will chart a course for following Jesus in the days and weeks to come. Be prepared to explore the transforming spiritual pursuit of following Christ!

  • Christ: From Creation to Consummation – There is a whole lot more about the life of Christ than simply what you read about Him in the four Gospels. In this fly-over survey of the life of Christ, we will see Him involved in creation; we will see Him personally interacting dozens of times with His people throughout the Old Testament; we will see Him again interacting with His creation as the god-man Jesus in the Gospels; and we will see yet again Him again when He returns for us as prophesied in the book of Revelation. Be prepared to be amazed and hopefully transformed by your encounter with the life of Christ!


  • Old Testament Survey – Consisting of 39 books in four sections (Law, History, Poetry and Prophecy), the Old Testament is daunting, but necessary for us to understand the unfolding of God’s plan, leading to Christ and the church.  This class, providing an introduction to the Old Testament, will help you understand a basic timeline for the events described and provide tools to help you comprehend what you read.

  • New Testament Survey – Consisting of 27 books in four sections (Gospels, History, Letters and Revelation), the New Testament tells of Christ’s ministry, the beginning of the church, and how we can grow as disciples who follow Jesus.  In this introductory class we will help you feel comfortable navigating through the New Testament, with a basic understanding of its central message. 

  • Acts – The book of Acts records the beginning of Christ’s church and its amazing growth in its first few decades of existence.  The author, Dr. Luke, relates this history in a fast-moving, action-packed style.  Along the way we’ll see the passion for evangelism that characterized the early church, and center on some transforming conversion stories. 

  • Romans – Many Bible scholars believe the book of Romans most fully presents the gospel message, centering on God’s amazing grace, our justification by faith (how we are saved), and our sanctification in Christ (how we become more like Jesus).  This study will help you prepare to dig deeply into this rich book with a basic understanding of Paul’s unique style of writing and use of the Old Testament to point to Christ. 


  • Spiritual Warfare – There is an ongoing battle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. This study of spiritual warfare is designed to help us understand the reality of our struggle, and to prepare us for victory by knowing our resources as well as the enemy’s strategies and weapons.

  • Christian Evidences – Often called “apologetics,” this study will examine evidence that proves the authenticity of Scripture and of Jesus as the Christ.  We will ask some tough questions, and look at proof from creation, archaeology, history, and the reliability of Scripture.  At the conclusion of the class, you will be more prepared to give a defense for your faith to skeptics and answer their questions. 

  • World Missions – Jesus’ final words to His chosen followers commanded them to make disciples by going into all the world.  This class will briefly examine the history of world evangelism, look at the progress being made today, and provide avenues for personal involvement no matter your location, personality or spiritual gifts. 

  • A Study of End Times – Often called “eschatology,” this class will look at what the Bible teaches about death, what lies beyond the grave, the Second Coming of Christ, judgment, and our eternal destiny.  We will base our conclusions on God’s truth revealed in Scripture rather than on man’s opinion, and seek to provide confidence to all who are in Christ Jesus. 



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