It's Time

You are here today because someone planned for you.

For several years our facilities have limited ministry opportunities for Mt. Gilead. It’s time to make room for more people to hear the gospel in our community.

What are we building?
A new 1300 seat sanctuary with a partial renovation of existing worship space for our Children’s and Student Ministry.

Why are we building it?
To make room for more of the 44,000 unchurched people in Morgan County.

When are we starting?
As soon as our down payment is on hand, and the budget can support it.

How will we get it done?
By God’s provision and our willingness.

Where are we building?
Here on our main campus, off the southeast edge of the front of our building.

Who will fund it?
Mt. Gilead members and friends.


Preliminary Plans - Subject to Change

Building Overview
Building Floor Plans



Top 10 Reasons to Expand

  1. To create space to accommodate people who do not currently attend church.
  2. To grow our Children and Student Ministries.
  3. To decrease congestion in between services.
  4. To allow more time during service.
  5. To position Mt. Gilead as a leader in our community, and become a more visible option for seekers.
  6. To give Mt. Gilead a greater voice of influence in our community and world.
  7. To grow the Kingdom here and increase our sending power in other parts of the world.
  8. To have a useful space to accommodate community events.
  9. To implement our original vision, promise, and plan for expansion.
  10. To respond to years of prayer and seeking God’s will for Mt. Gilead.






We have already been approved for the entire construction amount. However, our leadership prefers to avoid excessive debt. Consequently, we desire to raise as much as possible, as quickly as possible, borrow as little as possible and pay it off fast as possible.


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